Reaching the Low Hanging Fruit of Steam Energy Costs

Steam remains the most efficient heat transfer media even today, more than a century after the industrial revolution. To this point, 65% of all fuel expended by US industry is consumed to make steam, mostly for heat transfer and driving turbines for power generation or utilities pump systems. Steam generation, distribution, heat transfer, turbines, and condensate return all require expertise in several specific areas, any of which if lacking, can be very costly in terms of energy cost, equipment longevity, quality and throughput of the product/process, or most importantly, safety to the employees.

Mead O’Brien can help your plant reel in energy costs, produce more consistent product, and be safer for your valuable human assets:

  • Steam Trap Surveys complete with steam loss and ROI data to justify investments in the system; continuous wireless monitoring systems with widely accepted protocols for critical traps, high-loss failed traps, or hard to access traps.
  • Process issue consultations involving steam delivery or condensate removal.
  • Plant steam & condensate system assessments, process reviews, heat recovery system opportunities.
  • Comprehensive steam and condensate system training for differing levels of system responsibility and expertise of plant maintenance people, technicians or engineers. The Mead O’Brien Steam Lab in our St. Louis Office utilizes the unique ability to observe system behavior under glass through glass steam/condensate piping and steam traps, vacuum breaker effects, thermostatic air vent operation, and the latest control valve technology.
If your system is not surveyed and inspected at least once a year, it is costing you more than it should in more ways than one. It’s time to contact Mead O’Brien … use the form below.

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