Is Your Company Facing a Skills Shortage?

Much attention is being given to the situation of military veteran unemployment, especially in Washington these days. With the technical worker shortage in the US for jobs which currently are going unfilled, it only seems natural that veterans, many of whom have some degree of specialty training for operation and maintenance of complex electric, electronic and mechanical systems and equipment should be the first to be considered to fill these positions. The catch seems to be that veterans fresh from service don’t see the potential tie to industry, and potential employers don’t see their experience as transportable. The Automation Federation has mapped the occupation specialties of the 5 services against the AF/USDOL created Automation Competency Model to identify these specialties thus giving those folks an edge for a technical career by leveraging their experience. Whether you are an end-user company or solution provider such as our company, these people can help you. Contact The International Society of Automation (ISA) ( or your local veteran's commission where other technical expertise is needed.

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