Mead O'Brien Services

Your Total Solutions Provider

Mead O'Brien ServicesMead O’Brien, located in the heart in the midwest, specializes in equipment and services at the heart of your valve automation, steam system, hot water system and instrumentation needs.

Mead O’Brien is an engineered application specialist, problem-solver, and innovator with the goal of providing the best total cost solution to the customer over the product lifetime.

Customer issues in steam, water, and process control are solved through a combination of staff expertise, experience, and a wide array of specialized products or design systems.

Need an automated valve?  Mead O’Brien can automate everything from a quarter turn ball valve with pneumatic actuator to very large valves -  72 inches or larger with motor operated actuators, utilizing their machine shop to fabricate mating components. They have even automated hydro-electric dam gates.

Besides valves, Mead O’Brien knowledge in industrial steam systems, hot water systems, and process control loops has gained then the reputation as expert solution providers for demanding applications in the marketplace.

The Mead O’Brien product portfolio is both wide and deep serving industries including power generation, refining, chemical, food and beverage, water and wastewater, oil and gas pipeline, as well as institutional, HVAC, engineering design market segments.

Their factory trained and certified shop in field service technicians are available 24 hours a day for field service, job start up, or in-house actuator repair. Mead O’Brien locations are in Kansas City, Saint Louis, Tulsa and Calvert City.


Kansas City: (816) 471-3993

St. Louis: (314) 423-5161

Tulsa: (918) 251-1588

Calvert City: (270) 395-7330