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Ulmer Equipment Company is now Mead OBrien

Ulmer Equipment Company is Now Part of Mead O'Brien

Ulmer Equipment specializes in valves and equipment for water & wastewater, dry material, and slurry applications. Ulmer provides high quality products that meet the needs of a large and varied customer base in the Midwest.

The addition of Ulmer Equipment Company expands Mead O'Brien’s penetration in to the Midwest region's water and wastewater industry sector. Mead O’Brien is a leading valve, instrument, and steam equipment partner to many industries across the region, including chemical process, power generation, pipeline, HVAC, and the critical infrastructure industries.

Ulmer Equipment Manufacturers

Milliken Mead OBrien Eccentric Plug Valves, AWWA Swing Checks, Flex Checks, Silent Checks and AWWA Butterfly Valves
Orniox Mead OBrienAWWA Slide Gates, Knife Gate Valves, Flap Valves and Stop Logs
Posi-flate Mead OBrienInflatable Seated Butterfly Valves for Dry Material Service
Advance Mead OBrienPipe Penetration Seals, Casing Spacers, Flange Insulating Kits and Wall Sleeves
Chemtec Mead OBrienFlow Switches, Flow Monitors, Flow Meters and Excess Flow Valves
Innerlynx Mead OBrienTank Cleaning Equipment
PROCO Mead OBrienMechanical Seal Between Pipes Going Through Walls, Floors, Vaults, Tanks and Pipeline Casings
OPW Mead OBrienLiquid Loading Arms, Dry Break Couplers and Swivel Joints
PROCO Mead OBrienRubber and Teflon Expansion Joints, Duckbill Check Valves and Inline Elastomeric Check Valves
SMG Mead OBrienNatural Gas Valves, Permaseal and Chem-Plug
TRACOM Mead OBrienFlumes for Open Channel Flow Measurement
Waterman Mead OBrienChannel Gates, Flap Valves and Irrigation Products

Ulmer Equipment Products


Milliken Mead OBrien

AWWA C508 Swing Check Valves, AWWA C504 Butterfly Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, and Plug Valves; A wide range of sizes and configurations for Clean or Dirty Water

Orniox Mead OBrien

Flap Valves; Stainless steel fabricated styles and cast iron flap valves prevent backflow from rivers and bodies of water at headwalls and other discharge points. Gate Valves; Resilient seated AWWA Wedge gate valves for water service and distribution lines. Knife Gate Valves; A very wide range of materials, styles and sizes in cast iron, stainless steel and bi-directional styles.

Posi-flate Mead OBrien

Inflatable Seated Butterfly Valves for Dry Material Service

PROCO Mead OBrien

Check Valves; Rubber Flapper, Silent Checks, and Double Door Check Valves. Duck Bill Check Valves; Slip-On, Flanged and Inline Duckbill Check Valve.

Chemtec Mead OBrien

Excess Flow Valves, Flow Meters, Flow Monitors and Switches; Critical service applications and for very low CFM and GPM flow ranges.

Waterman Mead OBrien

Channel Gates, Flap Valves and Irrigation Products

Water Control Gates

Orniox Mead OBrien

Slide Gates, Weir Gates, Channel Gates and Stop Logs; Control water levels on in-plant processes, runoff structures, and bodies of water.


PROCO Mead OBrien

Innerlynx Pipe Penetration Seals; A wide range of sizes and materials.

Advance Mead OBrien

Flange Insulating Gaskets; Avoid corrosion in your piping systems by installing affordable protection in the form of flange insulating gaskets.

Casing Spacers

Advance Mead OBrien

Casing Spacers; Protect your Carrier Pipe and improve the ease with which you can install your piping by using the correct casing spacer for the job. Spacers are readily available in polyethylene, carbon steel and stainless steel.

FRP Flumes

TRACOM Mead OBrien

Tracom FRP; Fiberglass Reinforced Products include Flumes for Open Channel Flow Measurement, Metering Manholes for quantifying plant discharges, and prefab FRP buildings for corrosive environments.


Innerlynx Mead OBrien

Tank Cleaning Machines; Sellers Cleaning Systems line of rotary tank cleaning machines.

OPW Mead OBrien

Flexible Piping, Liquid Loading Arms; For loading and unloading railcars, tank trucks and barges. OPW Swivel Joints form the backbone of flexible piping. ISO-Ring Gauge Protection; ISO Rings protect pressure gauges and switches by isolated them from the flow in piping systems.

PROCO Mead OBrien

Rubber Expansion Joints; Expansion joints protect piping systems from shock, vibration and misalignment.

Advance Mead OBrien

Wall Sleeves; Installed in concrete during the construction phase. Once installed, pipe can be pushed through the opening and the annular space is sealed with Innerlynx.

Ulmer Equipment Markets

  • Food and Beverage - Rotary Tank Cleaning Machines, Dry Material Valves, Knife Gate and Butterfly Valves

  • Foundry Castings - Dry Material Butterfly Valves and Hydraulic Jet Cleaners

  • Water & Wastewater - Eccentric Plug Valves, AWWA Butterfly & Check Valves, Gate Valves and FRP Flumes

  • Environmental - Channel Gates, Flap Valves, Duckbill Check Valves and Flumes for Open Channel Measurement

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