Armstrong Steam, Condensate and Heat Transfer Products

Armstrong International

Armstrong is a world-leading manufacturer of steam, condensate, and heat transfer products. Mead O'Brien is pleased to represent Armstrong's products in Missouri, Kansas, Southern Illinois, and Western Kentucky.

Mead O'Brien also provides steam assessments, steam trap surveys, and application engineering to our customers in these territories. We additionally offer field system start-up service, customer steam training, troubleshooting, and system analysis. Mead O'Brien is also known for application-specific product and system design and manufacturing when standard products don't provide the correct solution to our customers.


Armstrong Steam and Condensate Products

Steam Trapping and Steam Tracing Equipment, Steam System Monitoring, Steam Filters, Condensate Recovery Equipment, Pressure and Temperature Controls (Regulators and Control Valves), Strainers, Automatic and Continuous Air Vent Operation Increases System Efficiency, Liquid Drainers, Radiator Products, Compressed Air Drain Traps, Piston Valves, Unfired Steam Generators.

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For extended heat-transfer equipment, Armstrong offers design services and manufacturing capabilities. They welcome the opportunity to provide advice early in the planning process of your projects. Manufacturing versatility allows Armstrong to design and install equipment to suit the exact needs of all types of air and gas treatment. They sell products in a wide range of metals and alloys, including steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum.


Armstrong Heat Transfer Products

Heavy Duty Coils - Series 6000, Plate Fin Coils - Duralite™, Unit and Door Heaters, Duramix™ Face and By-Pass Heating Coils, Tank Heaters, Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (Ache).

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