Parker Valves, Fittings & Tubing


Fittings & Tubing

Fittings and tubing products including A-Lok fittings, CPI fittings, instrument pipe and ISO conversion fittings, MPI fittings, Pagelok fittings, Phastite, tube ended pressure gauges, tube fabricating equipment, Ultraseal fittings, Vacuseal fittings, and welded fittings.


Process valves including angle body valves, ball valves - instrumentation, bellows, bleed valves, bulk gas, check valves, diaphragm springless, excess flow, mass flow control valves, medium pressure, valves/filters, metering valves, model EPC electronic proportional control valve, needle valves, relief, steam and hot water solenoid valves, and valve kits and accessories.

Parker Fittings & Tubing Products

  • A-Lok Fittings
  • CPI Fittings
  • Instrument Pipe And ISO Conversion Fittings
  • MPI Fittings
  • Pagelok Fittings
  • Phastite
  • Tube Ended Pressure Gauges
  • Tube Fabricating Equipment
  • Ultraseal Fittings
  • Vacuseal Fittings
  • Welded Fittings

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Parker Valve Products

  • Angle Body Valves
  • Ball Valves - Instrumentation
  • Bellows
  • Bleed Valves
  • Bulk Gas
  • Check Valves;
  • Diaphragm Springless
  • Excess Flow
  • Mass Flow Control Valves
  • Medium Pressure Valves/Filters
  • Metering Valves

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