Armstrong Veris Flow Measurement

Armstrong VerisVeris Flow Measurement, an Amstrong Internation product group. Verabar and Accelabar patented solutions deliver consistent, accurate and reliable flow measurement to handle a wide variety of liquids, gases and steam. Verabar provides the most accurate, reliable technology for measuring gas, liquid and steam as well as the lowest operating and installation costs. The Accelabar is a new and unique flow meter that combines two differential pressure technologies to produce operating ranges never before attainable in a single flow meter. It is capable of generating high differential pressures for measuring gas, liquids and steam at turndowns previously unattainable—with no straight run requirements.

  • Veris Verabar- Advanced DP Flow Measurement Technology
  • Accelabar- Superior Flow Measurement Accuracy with No Straight Run Requirements and Excellent Turndown
  • Vortex Meter- Accurate, cost-effective mass flow and BTU measurement of liquids, steam, and gases.
  • Orifice Plate- Most Commonly Used DP Measurement Device
  • Venturi Tube- Classical and Halmi Style
  • ASME Flow Nozzle- High-Performance Reliable Measurement Device
  • Wedge Meter- Differential Pressure Measurement in High Viscosity Applications
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